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The Charm of Thai Delight


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  • URBAN Cafe terrace_
  • The Sukhothai Shanghai Restaurant URBAN Cafe Kitchen
  • The Sukhothai Shanghai Restaurant URBAN Private Room
  • Authentic Southern Thai yellow curry Grilled Cod Fish,Home made Curry Paste with Fresh Tumeric, Coconut Cream泰式黄咖喱烤鳕鱼,自制咖喱酱,新鲜姜黄,椰子奶油
  • hirshima fresh oyster chucked( pcs), duo Thai chilli dip 新鲜广岛生蚝两枚,泰式辣椒汁
  • Pad Thai,stir fried rice noodles, bean sprouts, chives with Whole lobster传统炒泰式米粉配豆芽,韭菜,整只龙虾
  • seared scallop, roasted chilli jam, lemongrass, shallot, mint香煎带子,烤辣味果酱, 香茅,干葱,薄荷
  • Taro custard, fresh coconut meat香芋泥配新鲜椰肉
  • Tom Kha Gai, chicken soup, coconut broth, kaffir lime leaf椰汁鸡汤,青柠叶
  • Tom yum seafood soup, GiantPrawn, lemongrass, lime, bird eye chilli冬阴功海鲜汤,虎虾,柠檬草,青柠,红鸟椒
  • Urban Signature, Tom Kha Cheviche, Mix Seafood, Seasoning Creamy Coconut milk with Thai Herbs Foam, Shallot, Lemongrass, Chili, Kaffime Lime 混合海鲜色拉,椰香调味汁,泰式香草泡沫,香葱,柠檬草,辣椒,酸橙
  • Yum Som O, pomelo segments Salad, grilled Giant Tiger prawns, Roasted coconut, chopped peanuts西柚色拉,烤虎虾, 椰肉脆片,花生碎

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A Thai gourmet restaurant with garden-like atmosphere, a refreshing city oasis to delight all senses

The talented culinary team showcases authentic Thai delicacies using premium ingredients, finely-crafted sauces and secret spices. Expect a madley of flavours, concentation of pleasing aromas, and delightful colours of the dishes all working together to create a divine, all-round sensational experience.

Featuring the iconic leaf-patterned tiles and terrazzo walls, the indoor area connects to a spacious and verdant outdoor urban garden, offering a place of tranquility for guests to relax amidst the vibrant buzz of the neighbourhood.

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