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The Charm of Thai Delight


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  •  小时慢煮牛膝骨,玛莎曼咖喱,番薯,洋葱,花生,玉桂,八角,香叶Massaman Osso buco,Suvi Hour Beef Osso buco, Massaman Curry, Sweet Potato, Onion, Peanut, Cinemon Stick, Star Anis, Bay leaves
  • 传统炒泰式米粉配豆芽,韭菜,大虾Pad Thai,stir fried rice noodles, bean sprouts, chive with prawn
  • 冬阴功海鲜汤,红虎虾,柠檬草,青柠,红鸟椒tom yum, seafood soup, giant prawn, lemongrass, lime, bird eye chili
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  • 自制虾球佐黄瓜泡菜 tod man goong ,prawn cake with cucumber relish
  • 芒果椰浆饭,新鲜芒果,椰浆饭khao niew mamoung, sweet coconut milk sticky rice, fresh mango

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A Thai gourmet restaurant with garden-like atmosphere, a refreshing city oasis to delight all senses

The talented culinary team showcases authentic Thai delicacies using premium ingredients, finely-crafted sauces and secret spices. Expect a madley of flavours, concentation of pleasing aromas, and delightful colours of the dishes all working together to create a divine, all-round sensational experience.

Featuring the iconic leaf-patterned tiles and terrazzo walls, the indoor area connects to a spacious and verdant outdoor urban garden, offering a place of tranquility for guests to relax amidst the vibrant buzz of the neighbourhood.

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