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A Buzzing Scene to Share

  • The Sukhothai Shanghai Restaurant URBAN Cafe Kitchen
  • The Sukhothai Shanghai Restaurant URBAN Private Room
  • work fried red chili crab 辣椒炒蟹
  • red curry pork, mango sauce 红咖喱猪肉
  • mango sticky rice芒果椰浆饭
  • wagyu beef salad with mango 烤牛肉配香芒色拉
  • Vietnamese beef noodle soup越南牛肉汤面
  • wok fried curry beef tenderloin 炒咖喱牛柳,泰国罗勒,小鸟椒
  • Wok fried banana prawns 黄咖喱香蕉虾
  • steamed fish lime dressing青柠汁蒸鱼
  • gilled squid salad 'Tan Khun', organic papaya 炭烤鱿鱼拌木瓜色拉
  • larb gai dumplings, shrimp, chicken 虾仁鸡肉烧麦
  • creamy pudding cake, pandan ice cream奶油布丁蛋糕,斑斓叶冰淇淋
  • caramel chili pineapple, chocolate souffle tart, vanilla ice cream 焦糖拉菠萝,巧克力舒芙蕾,香草冰淇淋

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A modern Asian culinary hot spot with innovative sharing plates and a relaxing ambience

Relaxing and sleek in Thai-inspired style, the warm and interactive ambience sets the scene for authentic Southeast Asian cuisine. Make yourself at home at award winning URBAN Café with fresh dishes inspired by Southeast Asian culture from ingredients that need no frills.

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