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La Scala restaurant

The Fine Art of Italian Fare

  • La Scala Dining area
  • “elephant ear ” veal milanese ‘象耳’ 酥炸小牛排 veal chop, mizuna, horsradish, tomato, mozzarella, berry jam, brown sauce小牛排,水京菜,西洋山葵,番茄,马苏里拉, 莓果酱, 烧烤酱 ( )
  • Australian range valley M wagyu striploin 澳洲 M 谷饲和牛西冷
  • cod fish 鳕鱼 celeriac purée, tomato papaya dip, Chinese rice vinegar chives butter sauce芹菜根泥,番茄木瓜蘸酱,米醋小葱黄油汁 ( )
  • DDD
  • herb crusted lamb chop 香料裹羊排 sundried tomato stuffed artichoke, ginger pomelo mustard sauce烤洋蓟配干番茄和帕马森奶酪,姜香芥末红酒汁 ( )
  • one meter handmade pasta a la carbonara 米长手工面 smoked bacon,egg yolk creamy sauce烟熏意式培根,蛋黄奶油汁 ( )
  • crème brûlée, wild blackberry caviar 焦糖奶油炖蛋,野生黒莓鱼子酱
  • Rossini not Rossini 情迷罗西尼 M wagyu tenderloin, foie gras, spinach, Cognac coffee gravy M 和牛牛柳,肥肝,菠菜,白兰地咖啡肉汁 ( )
  • wagyu beef tartare 日月星辰 water chestnut, egg yolk confit, lavosh 和牛鞑靼, 马蹄,油封蛋黄,面包脆片 ( )
  • seafood tower海鲜拼盘 fresh oyster, scallop crudo, abalone, Scotland scampi, green mussel, salmon roe 新鲜生蚝,扇贝,鲍鱼, 苏格兰冷冻海鳌虾,青口贝,三文鱼籽 ( )

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Artfully crafted Italian cuisine representing the Shanghai contemporary lifestyle

Immerse in an Italian Renaissance garden-inspired space, an exquisite atmosphere and scrumptious Italian cuisine. Menus are curated with the perfect balance of flavours from premium and organic seasonal ingredients. Enjoy our curation of stellar experiences at the chef’s table, or in the chic dining room

With the good quality of food, service and ambience, La Scala is listed on 2022 The Black Pearl Restaurant Guide for the first time and awarded one diamond as a "Must visit restaurant for gathering" .

2022 The Black Pearl Restaurant Guide

Opening hours

Lunch 11.30am - 2.00pm

Dinner 5.30pm – 10.00pm 

Brunch 11.30am – 2.00pm (Every Saturday and Sunday)