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Experiential Hospitality

It is not only about guest service, it is about bonding with our guests

We host our guests in the same welcoming, attentive and gracious manner like how we would care for a guest at our own house. Our service philosophy is defined by an emotional intelligent approach that begins with empathy.

Attentive and discreet, our passionate associates warmly yet respectfully greet our guests by their first name, knowledgeably remember their preferences, confidently attend to their requests, professionally execute every task, insightfully anticipate their needs, thoughtfully inspire them a new perspective, or helpfully offer a kind gesture that brings a smile…

To us, this is personalised service delivered in a personable manner, one that creates emotional bonds.

The 22 Signature Touchpoints

Represented by the 22 diamonds in our logo, these interactive, brand-defining touchpoints are designed to differentiate us from the competition, heighten the guest experience, transform a hotel stay into moments that matter, and create emotional loyalty among our guests.

We believe that no two guests are alike, hence these touchpoints are thoughtfully-crafted by each individual property and involve different functions in the hotel delivered in a collaborative effort to surprise and delight each and every guests.

Our associates are passionate, genuine and gracious, they respond and engage spontaneously, always stand looking at the situation from a guest’s point of view to enrich the experience.

The service philosophy is shared among all Sukhothai properties, a testament of our commitment to emotionally-engaged with our guests.