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The International Day of Italian Cuisines 2010

Posted: January 14, 2010

The International Day of Italian Cuisines 2010 is scheduled to take place on Monday, 18th January. This is to celebrate the authentic flavours and culinary culture of Italy.

All chefs of the GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Cooks), a network of over a thousand professionals in Italian oenogastronomy who work all over the world, will lead and promote this global event. This year’s dish of International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) will be Tagliatelle al ragù alla Bolognese. The previous two years, the dishes to be celebrated and protected were Carbonara and Risotto ala Milanese.

To show our respect to Italian cuisine and culture, our La Scala Chef Maurizio Menconi will demonstrate the art of a Traditional ragù alla Bolognese. Chef Maurizio said “traditional ragù alla Bolognese is a meat sauce that is slow simmered for at least 2-3 hours to develop a complex flavour and proper thickness”. Chef Maurizio used only minced beef from either thin skirt or flank brisket. I guess, because the meat is fatty and full of flavours.

All the traditional recipes contain milk, Chef Maurizio added “meat was tough in the past and milk breaks down its fibers, but also to mellow the acidity of the raw tomatoes and wine”.

It is traditionally served with homemade tagliatelle, a long, thin flat egg pasta about ¼ wide, and it’s also never served with spaghetti!

So, I hope to see you on 18 January in La Scala to celebrate this classic, robust, hearty dish from Bologna, which Chef Maurizio has preserved its lively spirit.

Viva la Italia!

Thank you.

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