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Teage Ezard at Celadon from 26-28 August

Posted: August 17, 2010


Australia has a wealth of delicious and fresh food products. It is also a country in which people from many different cultures reside, socialize, and marry. Over time, through community, networks, neighbours, and every family’s great food styles, fantastic flavours and new methods of cooking have become fused. For this reason I have invited an old friend of mine from Melbourne, Chef Teage Ezard, to come and cook in Celadon from 26-28 August.

Teage Ezard has combined elements of various culinary traditions while not fitting into any one of them specifically. His is food that offers the best of all worlds. Teage Ezard places a sense of himself on each plate and his food is both delicious and visually enticing. His style of cooking is not only becoming increasingly popular outside of Australia, but it is also a very inspiring method of combination for many young and talented chefs.

Teage Ezard at Celadon

Teage Ezard at Celadon

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