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Posted: January 27, 2012


We have been keeping ourselves busy these past few months, as business has bounced back very quickly and very strongly since the flood crisis last year. The kitchens are buzzing with banquet operations as well as for the guests returning to our restaurants.

The White Truffle promotion was a huge success in La Scala. Chef Maurizio had some excellent creations on offer and the response was huge. In fact, popularity was so high that we struggled to keep up with demand. Now Maurizio has just launched his new A la Carte Menu with the original addition of “Amadei Chocolate” which comes from Tuscany, Italy, his own back yard. We have two desserts, “Consistenza di Amadei”, which highlights the chocolate in six different textures, and “Tortino di Cioccolata”; as well as a tasting of six “Grand Cru” Amadei chocolates served with a glass of Caribbean “Casanova” Gold Rum that compliments this very special chocolate beautifully.

Sukthothai Confidential

Celadon was very active during Christmas and New Year. Chef Jimmy continues with his series of monthly special menus focusing mostly on his delectable seafood creations, in which he uses the finest of both local and imported ingredients. His creative style, based on traditional recipe, is growing a band of loyal diners. We have also just finished construction of a dedicated dining area in the herb garden at the back of the kitchen, which will be used for special dinners, romantic proposals and VIP events.

Sukthothai Confidential

“The Art of Dining” program kicks off with Two-star Chef Alfonso Iaccarino of “Don Alfonso” in early February, who puts a modern twist on traditional Italian recipes, and then we have Gaetano Travato of “Arnolfo” in early March. We have the menus and recipes arranged for both Chefs and it looks to be a truly memorable first half of the year. This is easily the strongest line up we have had so far with Alain Passard of “L’Aperge soon to follow in April.

Sukthothai Confidential

Caviar, Caviar and more Caviar! I have introduced this epicurean delight into Zuk Bar with no less than eight different kinds especially imported for us, the largest selection in Bangkok. Caviar these days is mostly farmed with not much available of the wild variety due to over fishing in the Caspian Sea. We are sourcing from France and China with more caviar farms coming online in the near future. We are using mostly “Ocietra” caviar which lets us focus on this variety of egg and the different tastes, textures and flavours it has. From creamy to citrus to salty, the refinement of this product is amazing. It goes perfectly with our selection of freshly shucked oysters and a glass of champagne!

Sukthothai Confidential

Thimian Deli has undergone a mild transformation. Previously we focused solely on sweet treats but now we also offer a range of freshly made “Baguette a la Francaise”, stuffed croissants, homemade pies, quiches and sushi for our new “grab and go” menu. What’s more, we have introduced a small a la carte menu as well as Chef Laurent’s now famous “Sukhothai Liquid Chocolates” for the ultimate hot chocolate, using real chocolate from such exotic locations as Madagascar, Africa, Papua New Guinea and the Swiss Alps. This has been a huge success since launching it on the 16th of January.

Sukthothai Confidential

To sum it all up, we have certainly been occupied with implementing our new ideas and concepts to our outlets for your pleasure. I’m always looking for new products and innovations to offer the very discerning clientele we have at The Sukhothai Bangkok and hope to see you here soon.

Cheers, Antony.

Thank you.

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