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Siam Sunrays Recipe

Posted: September 27, 2012

The next time you visit The Zuk Bar, step outside of your same-old routine and experiment a little by ordering something out of the ordinary, such as cocktails inspired by the Land of Smiles with Thai herbal ingredients.  

To experience something different, a Siam Sunray is the perfect choice, where unusual ingredients like ginger, lemongrass, bergamot and chili are infused with spirits. Shed a new light of life when you visit The Zuk Bar. Sit back and allow our bartenders to shake up a glass for you. Or bring these luxurious elements of The Sukhothai to your own home and make the cocktail following this recipe:

Siam Sunrays


1)      Chili
2)      Ginger
3)      Lemongrass
4)      Bergamot
5)       1 ½ and half shot of Vodka
6)      ¼ of Fresh Lime
7)      Half shot of Malibu
8)      ¼  of Syrup


Muddle the ginger, lemongrass and bergamot together with syrup. Add the chili then ice cubes and all the spirits. Shake well and top with soda.

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