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Royal Project Strawberry

Posted: December 26, 2010


The Royal Project's strawberry season is in full swing in Thailand and the pick of the crop is beautiful, sweet and tasty. This year is particular good because the species is Akihime from Japan.  Akihimi has a mild sweetness that spreads through your mouth. Its sweetness and sourness is well balanced. We think that ripe and sweet Akihimi will change your thinking about local strawberries in Thailand for sure.

Sukthothai Confidential

Look for punnets of fresh berries that smell delicious, with no signs of rot or dehydration. Strawberries are best eaten the day they were bought and have the most flavour at room temperature, rather than from the fridge. Enjoy the season!

Sukthothai Confidential

Sukthothai Confidential


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