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Pad Thai

Posted: August 27, 2010

Hi Pad Thai!

I like any kind of noodles, especially in steamy hot soup in the early morning hours and stir fried in the late evening. For this reason, I am constantly looking for where to eat good noodles. There is no such thing as a guide to noodles in Bangkok. You just have to try it out.

I went with my wife and daughters to Thip Samai Noodle Shop in Mahachai Rd near Chinatown one early evening few weeks ago. The place is hot and busy and loud. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing, the Thai like first and best to eat. So I followed the crowd. Here you can only eat Pad Thai, nothing less and nothing more. Fortunately, this is one place where I don’t mind waiting in line, and you could see that many other people felt the same way.

Thip Samai Noodle Shop in Mahachai Rd near Chinatown

Food greedy as am I, I ordered straight away the most expensive dish on the menu, the ultimate Pad Thai dish for Baht 150. It was served with shredded dried squid, crab meat, prawns and shredded green mango. Though all the ingredients seemed simple enough, it was like no other Pad Thai I have tasted. The combination was sublime and delicious. The fresh lime, springy banana blossom, crispy bean sprouts and flavourful garlic chives added freshness to the Pad Thai. The Jantaburi rice noodles, which were used here with prawn oil, lifted the dish to another dimension; the whole experience was mouthwatering, chewy delicious and soft. It hit me why: The Pad Thai is a harmonious blend of spicy, sweet, hot, wet, mild, crisp, sour and soft. As a result, the palate is not overwhelmed - there is a give and take. The Thai call the flavour upon flavour rot chart, the heart and soul of true Thai cuisine.

The ultimate Pad Thai dish

You should give it a try yourself if you haven’t already.


Thank you.

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