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Restaurant Manager - La Scala

Location: 13/3 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Department: Food & Beverage
Date: 09.07.2019

Key Responsibilities

Lines of Supervision and Authorit

Report directly to Food and Beverage Manager and Director of Food & Beverage as well as Supervises Assistant Manager, Head waiters, Captains, Hostesses, Waiters, Waitresses in the Outlet.

Job Summary

Responsible for supervising and co-ordinating the activities of all personnel in the set-up and service of the outlet.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To manage the administrative tasks such as maintenance, report, attendance record, and weekly working schedules.
  2. To manage the restaurant P/L effectively
  3. To ensure that the restaurant is well-known and drive the restaurant revenue to meet the company expectation
  4. To ensure that the restaurant has a very positive image in both online and offline marketing channels.
  5. To establish appropriate requisitions: food store, general store, steward and engineering.
  6. Have the ability to carry out instruction (follow-up).
  7. Daily check mise-en-place, cleanliness and have enough equipment for restaurant at all times.
  8. To hold daily pre-service briefing with service staff to instruct them and inform them of the special of the day in co-operation with chef.
  9. To hold a daily inspection for appearance of the staff and make sure everyone is well-groomed and that the uniforms are always well take care of.
  10. To make sure the food service is always fast and well done, that the food is well presented and that the quality is according to standard.
  11. To develop and implement employee training program.
  12. To keep tight control of linen for the outlet and supervise the waiters when sorting out linens.
  13. To replace any dishes that has been rejected by customers and report the same to Food and Beverage Manager or his assistant and Executive Chef.
  14. To approve, sign and explain void checks.
  15. To use his judgement and do anything necessary to make sure the guests always leave the restaurant satisfied.

During Service

  1. To check reservation book and plan restaurant’s seating accordingly.
  2. To welcome the guest and assist in seating procedures.
  3. To supervise and co-ordinate all staff activities.
  4. To present menu, recommend, take orders, sell wine and all other beverages.
  5. To supervise and participate in serving food up to standard.
  6. To develop food relation an image with customers.
  7. To give special attention to VIP table.
  8. To control and check pantry area, pick-up area and especially buffets.
  9. To handle complaints and take immediate action.
  10. To make sure that all staff members know menus recipes, presentation and preparation time perfectly.
  11. To participate in F & B meetings.
  12. To make sure that all new staff undergo a complete induction programme and that the have a copy of House Rules and Regulations as well as job descriptions.
  13. To assist hostesses in organising and seating guests.
  14. To motivate staff.
  15. To follow up on any negative comments and take constructive actions.
  16. Have full knowledge of the exact service procedures of all kinds of F & B items (especially wines).
  17. To maintain good relationship and co-operation with all departments.
  18. To take any disciplinary action when needed, serious cases are to be discussed with the Assistant Food and Beverage Manager prior to take any action.
  19. To maintain good relations with customers (remember names), keep a customer cardex, call all guests by their names.
  20. To be aware of what competitors are doing and report to Food & Beverage Manager if any special promotions are taking place in any other hotels.
  21. To make sure that all subordinates know what management is expecting from them.
  22. Have the knowledge of emergency procedures i.e. fire, accident, lost and found, breakage and spoilage.
  23. All supervisory level staff, must report to work at least 15 minutes before and after the schedule assigned.