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Chocolate Buffet

Lobby Salon

Don’t be misled by the term Chocolate Buffet as applied to afternoon tea at Lobby Salon, The Sukhothai Bangkok’s, light and stylish, ancient-meets-modern lounge inspired by Thailand’s last capital but one, on every Friday-thru-Sunday plus festive occasions. The Chocolate Buffet at The Salon has become the legendary of chocolate buffet and appears in several guidebooks as a “must” to visit when in Bangkok.

A lot of people are thrown by the title, thinking there would be chocolate scones and chocolate sandwiches and wondering if it wouldn’t all be a bit too rich.
More accurately, about half of the generously stocked, elegantly arrayed buffet works various types of chocolate in a variety of delicious ways. The rest is high tea, the name the English give to afternoon tea which incorporates both the usual cakes and what not and suppertime savouries.

Executive Pastry Chef Laurent Ganguillet suggests to start with the savouries. This is as opposed to the sweets which are on the opposite side looking out onto a chedi pond, the symbols of The Sukhothai.

As The Sukhothai Bangkok has become favoured by upscale Asian travellers seeking an authentic Thai experience as much as by culture vulture Westerners, be impressed with a colourful mosaic of sushis, accompanied by fresh wasabi, soy sauce and fresh ginger.

Now it’s time for the highlight-the chocolate trolley arrayed with some sixteen types of raw chocolate presented in order of cocoa and milk concentration in elegant silver bowls befitting their illustrious provenance. These range from 100% pure cocoa, the bitterest of all but favoured by many a connoisseur, to milk chocolate and white chocolate plus two nut-encrusted options – hazelnut and almond – for good measure.

Selected chocolates will be gently melt over a low flame and serve as a fresh hot-chocolate drink with a generous dollop of whipped cream on top.

Friday – Sunday, 14.00 – 17.00 hrs.

THB 990++ per person

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