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All new Celadon Tasting Menu by Chef Rosarin

18 December 2019

A journey of authentic Thai cuisine throughout Thailand’s regions


Celadon restaurant at The Sukhothai Bangkok is an award winning restaurant that serves an extensive menu of authentic Thai cuisine in traditional Thai pavilions and air-conditioned terraces surrounded by lotus ponds.


To satisfy the appetites of all Thai cuisine connoisseurs, Chef Rosarin, head chef at Celadon and her highly talented team are proud to introduce their all new, unique and rare Thai cuisine tasting menu, inspired by the desire to provide local and international diners with the opportunity to discover the complexity yet subtleness of Thai style home food from all regions in Thailand. All dishes in the new menu are inspired by individual culinary team members to offer the best dishes from the original motherland, consisting of many, from far-north to down-south. The more the diners see and taste, the more we believe they will discover and appreciate true Thai flavours.


Following the success of previous menus, Chef Rosarin has developed the all new dishes in sets to offer an even more exciting experience to her guests. The key message from her new tasting menu is simple, she wants to successfully introduce everyone to authentic Thai home food that has been well prepared and cooked with local products in simple Thai taste from throughout all of Thailand’s regions. Every item is produced in original Thai style, through applying modern techniques and plating. Each dish comes complete with its own remarkable range of tastes from north to the south of Thailand and of course, artistically stylish presentation. It is recommended they be consumed in serving sequence as they complement each other and are all part of a complete dining experience and an unforgettable Thai food journey.



Full Experience (9 Dishes) - THB 2,900++ per person

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Part of the Trail (6 Dishes) - THB 2,200++ per person 

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Rice cracker, Mulberry jam


Onsen egg yolk, citrus essence, Acacia concinna leaves “Bai som poy”


Northern style free-range chicken breast salad, aromatic Thai herbs


E-san herbs enhanced, double boiled free range chicken “Tapaotong”


Grilled river prawn with Wild water plum chips, served with two sauces


Steamed queen mushrooms, jungle bamboo shoots, assorted Thai herbs


Coral grouper fish, Southern yellow curry, Mun-poo leaves


Thai vodka & tamarind sorbet


Traditional warm sago dumpling, fresh coconut milk


Available for dinner only.

For more information, please contact 0 2344 8888 or email