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La Scala: The Epitome of Fine Dining in Bangkok

Ever since its inception, La Scala has been at the top of and listing for fine dining in Bangkok. It has been fêted by food critics worldwide and is the go-to destination for locals and in-the-know visitors. This Bangkok fine dining institution has also been the recipient of numerous international awards and accolades. Located in the iconic Sukhothai Hotel in downtown Bangkok, with options for lunch and dinner, an open kitchen and a poolside terrace, La Scala is the perfect location for almost any occasion, day or night. Whether you are looking to relax, impress, or simply enjoy authentic Italian flavors in a modern and elegant atmosphere, La Scala is the fine dining restaurant for you. And with Chef de Cuisine Eugenio Cannoni’s new chapter of the restaurant, this Bangkok fine dining experience just has become even more fascinating and sure to captivate your gastronomic senses. 


The New Chapter of Time-Honored Fine Dining Institution

As the world returns to normal after almost two years, Head Chef Eugenio Cannoni has decided to revitalize this time-honored institution and introduce La Scala’s new chapter and menu, while retaining the features that have made La Scala a firm fixture of the fine dining scene in Bangkok.

Chef Cannoni is inspired by the dishes he recalls from his early childhood in northern Italy where his grandmother would prepare hearty soups and stews for a Sunday family feast. These long-cherished flavors, combined with Chef Cannoni’s commitment to elegance and refinement, are brought to life in his fine dining creations at La Scala. Inspired by his heritage, Chef Cannoni sources the best and most authentic ingredients, many of which are responsibly sourced and imported; just as well, he also looks to Bangkok’s fresh produce and ample local seafood to fuel an infinite roster of culinary specials.

Chef Cannoni has paid attention to every detail to ensure that the new chapter of La Scala retains its time-honored tradition that has kept it as the top destination for fine dining in Bangkok. In La Scala’s new chapter, epicurean marvels are created with a bold vision and a commitment to authenticity and quality. Chef Cannoni has designed a “Gastronomic Journey” option that can be experienced as a 4, 5, or 7 course tasting menu  (you can select each dish as an à la carte option. He has also introduced the weekday set lunch option (Mondays to Fridays from 12.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m.) that offers a more succinct gourmet journey yet still brims with all the elegance that fine dining at La Scala has to offer.  


The “Gastronomic Journey”: a fine dining event to ignite your senses

La Scala’s seasonal, stylish tasting menu option has long been the main feature of the house and is what critics, locals, and in-the-know travelers visit to enjoy. Chef Cannoni retains the characteristics that has made our fine dining tasting menu so famous: a creative and thoughtful collection that showcases the best of Italian flavors and techniques, with each dish presented so beautifully to engage your sense of sight as much as it will engage your other senses. The Gastronomic Journey experience is offered in 7 or 5 courses and a 4-course Vegetarian option (all dishes can also be enjoyed on its own as an a la carte menu). The current 7-course menu features dishes that are undeniably Italian in nature but with the unmistakable creativity of a spirited modern chef.  Scampo, Foie Gras e Pompelmo brings you langoustine juxtaposed with delicately seared foie gras accompanied by refreshing grapefruit. Lumache, Cavolo Fermentato e Alghe is a dish of escargots, paired surprisingly – yet harmoniously – with sauerkraut and seaweed. Ravioli di Zucca, Agnello e Formaggio di Capra is a modern twist on an Italian classic, featuring pumpkin ravioli with lamb ragu and goat cheese. Other equally creative and unique dishes will bring you to a dessert that is a nod to the country that houses this fine dining institution. Ricotta, Lampone, Lychee e Menta is the perfect ending to the course: a ricotta cheese enlivened with the tastes of raspberry, lychee, and mint.

The 5-course menu features a different list of selections, but with the same fine dining standard of innovation and originality. Ravioli di Ceci, Gambero Rosse e Bacon reinvents the ravioli using chickpeas and serves it with Sicilian red prawns. Piccione, Arancia e Campari is an indulgent main dish of pigeon that is paired with the refreshing tastes of orange and Campari. The course rounds out with Caffe, Nocciola e Cardamomo Negro – coffee with hazelnut and black cardamom – and it is difficult to think of anything more Italian that ending a meal with the perfect coffee.

Chef Cannoni’s 4-course Vegetarian Gastronomic Journey is a remarkable fine dining experience that showcases the freshness of the seasonal produce that he meticulously sources. Indivia, Nocciole e Parmigiano features endives, parmesan, and hazelnut in a perfect, harmonious blend. Ravioli di Patata, Affumicata e Gorgonzola is a true delight for the sense of sight as well as taste – with its perfectly handmade smoke potato ravioli and delicate gorgonzola cheese foam. This course ends with Pera, Cioccolato e Whiskey, an indulgent dessert of pear, chocolate, and whiskey.

The Gastronomic Journey menu changes with the seasons, so be sure to check out the latest menu here.


Weekday Set Lunches: a compendious experience of fine dining  

The all-new set lunch menu is comprised of updated Italian classics that fuse modern techniques with fine-dining flair. While shorter in length that our tasting menu, the dishes remain crafted with attentive sophistication to ensure a fine dining experience that will elevate your senses and make your lunch an afternoon to cherish. There are a couple of Set Lunch menus on rotation, based on the availability of produce and the seasons (see here). Each Set Lunch menu offers a selection of antipasti (appetizer), secondi (main course), and dolci (dessert), and can be enjoyed as two- or three-courses. Highlights of Chef Cannoni’s extensive selections include Antica Tartra (egg flan, onion, and parmesan), Baccala Mantecato (creamy fish stock, chickpeas, guacamole), Risotto al Frutti de Mare (seafood risotto, mantis shrimp, roasted calamari, traditional seafood sauce), Guanciotto (pork cheek, celeriac, marsala demi-glace), Lasagna al Ragu di Agnello (lamb ragu lasagna, goat cheese, and mint), Meringata alla Fragola (panna cotta, strawberry, meringue), Tiramisu (modern tiramisu, coffee foam, and coffee ice cream), and much more!

From the moment you walk through the doors of La Scala, you will know that you are here to enjoy a fine dining experience that brims with sophisticated charm. Whether inside the main room or outdoor on the poolside terrace, indulge in sensuous sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes. Inside the main room, enjoy the artistry and energy of our open kitchen and let your fine dining experience in Bangkok be one that shines with exuberance and a celebration of tastes. Outside on the terrace, enjoy the glow of lantern-lit trees that reflect their lights onto the pool for an evening of fine dining that literally sparkles. Our authentic, award-winning cuisine is paired with an extensive yet familiar wine list, welcoming service, and the atmosphere that is a perfect fusion of opulence and warmth. Reserve your spot now – whether for our one-of-a-kind Gastronomic Journey or succinct yet sophisticated Weekday Set Lunch – and experience for yourself the reasons why La Scala is the destination for fine dining in Bangkok.


The Return of a Familiar Face Brings an Unique Fine Dining Experience

The fine dining experience in Bangkok at La Scala becomes even more special at the end of this month with a special partnership between current Head Chef Eugenio Cannoni and former Head Chef David Tamburini, who makes a brief return to Bangkok from his current base in Kobe, Japan. Chefs Cannoni and Tamburini will fuse their unique talents to bring you a fine dining collaboration in Bangkok that runs for three days only: from Friday, 30 September to Sunday, 2 October 2022. Each day, there will be a special 4-course set lunch and 6-course set dinner (except for Friday, 30 September, where only the set dinner will be served). This is a rare opportunity to enjoy fine dining in Bangkok with a menu meticulously crafted by two world-renowned chefs. Expect modern incarnations of Italian classics that will bring your fine dining experience to new heights. Book a spot now to ensure that you do not miss this rare event featuring two Italian gastronomic superstars! They will transport you on a fine dining journey to Italy, right here in the heart of Bangkok.