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Celadon: Experience Traditional Tastes at the Best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok

Authentic, memorable, and exquisite are some of the words that will describe your experience at Celadon, the Sukhothai Hotel’s award-winning, critically acclaimed restaurant that has been lauded as the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok. Dinner at the Celadon offers a delightful, intimate experience that is praised by both locals and tourists. Our best Thai restaurant is helmed by Head Chef Rosarin Sripathum, a Thai national who has been involved with Thai cooking ever since she was a child through observing her grandmother and mother in the kitchen. Chef Rosarin ensures that fresh seasonal ingredients – a reflection of Thailand’s abundance and variety – are transformed into delectable, traditional Thai classics. She and her team elevate each dish with their attention to detail and dedication to authenticity, quality, and aesthetics. Open for dinner from Thursday to Sundays from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., this best Thai restaurant in Bangkok serves traditional Thai cuisine with a style and sensibility that is an enjoyable gastronomic and sensory experience for everyone.


Since its inception, Celadon has been committed to being the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok: there is no extraneous fusion here, only true Thai tastes. Chef Rosarin brings the compendium of Thai cooking traditions and fresh ingredients to you through her elegant takes on well-known palate-pleaser and dedicated mastery of more classical dishes. Here you will find world-famous names, such as pad thai, tom yum goong, and massaman. With its status of Bangkok’s best Thai restaurant, Celadon will also offer you a chance to sample Thai dishes that you may not have heard of before, such as tom jeud ngo (a clear soup featuring prawn-stuffed rambutans) and gaeng liang (a clear soup with a shrimp-paste base). Traditionality is present in every dish and there is a sense of purpose to every combination – this is food from a team that sincerely wants to you experience the best of Thai cuisine. Combining aromatic sensations, redolent textures, and sublime textures, the dishes at this best Thai restaurant in Bangkok showcases the freshness of the ingredients, the creativity of Thai cooking, and lets its signature elements shine through in each mouthful. From delicate and gentle tastes to a savory curry for those more experienced or adventurous, there is everything for everyone at Celadon, the unique and legendary Thai restaurant in Bangkok.


The interior of the Celadon is also remarkable and serves to enhance its status as Bangkok’s best Thai restaurant. With its high-vaulted design, teakwood floors and ceilings, warm-toned décor, and floor-to-ceiling windows, the Celadon is one of those rare places that successfully fuses ease with refinement. From 7.30 p.m. there is also a traditional Thai dance performance for you to enjoy as you dine.


Whether you opt for the a la carte menu or 6- or 8-course tasting menu, you are guaranteed to experience authentic flavors and traditional tastes of Thai cuisine at the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok. From salads and stir-fries to curries and grilled items, Chef Rosarin and her team will take you on a gastronomic journey of Thai tastes and treat you to a dining experience that you will cherish for years to come.


Authentic flavors from an extensive a la carte menu

In our a la carte menu, you will find a list of familiar items and chances to explore new horizons. Each dish is unique and different, but all of them share the same characteristics: all are made with fresh ingredients and a promise to deliver authentic tastes, and reflective of Chef Rosarin’s technical expertise in combining flavors. With our a la carte menu, you will surely discover why we are the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok!

The traditional Kai Hor Bai Toey appetizer, for example, features marinated chicken, wrapped in pandan leaves and then deep fried, served with a three-flavor dipping sauce. Experience the subtle marinade on the chicken and the harmony between the sweet, salty, and spicy flavors of the dipping sauce. The world-famous papaya salad here at Bangkok’s best Thai restaurant is also of a quality that you will not find anywhere else. Som Tum Kai Yang at the Celadon features the freshest green papaya gently mixed with the top-quality dried shrimp, slow-roasted peanuts, fresh chilies, served with a side of steamed organic sticky rice, and grilled free-range chicken.  Tom Yum Goong here is unlike any other; the version here at the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok is subtly spicy-and-sour soup made of fresh lemongrass, a splash of enlivening lime juice, and subtle dose of bird’s eye chili served with a spicy giant river prawn, sourced every morning from the Chao Phraya River. Celadon’s menu also brings you other items from the various regions of Thailand, such as the central region’s famous Pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles), the northern region’s aromatic Khao Soi (fresh egg noodles served in a curry soup), and the southern region’s Massaman (a sweet-and-spicy lamb curry elevated with sala fruit and lotus seeds).

Bangkok’s best Thai restaurant also specializes in rare menu items that are hard to find, even for Thai locals. Difficult to make due to the intricate steps and rare ingredients, dishes like Kaeng Jao Tan (spicy southern-style yellow curry, toddy palm, coral grouper fish) and Kaeng Singhol (slow-cooked beef cheek, spices, chillies) are a few reasons that even locals come to Celadon to experience traditional dishes. Truly, the variety and specialness of Celadon’s menu is what makes it the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok!



A tasting menu of traditional tastes

The tasting menu at the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok is offered as a 6- or 8-course option, named “Part of the Trail'' and “Full Course”, respectively. The menu changes often to reflect the seasonality of the ingredients, as only the freshest is sourced (the latest menus can be found here.) The tasting menu format allows the diners to sample traditional Thai tastes with innovative twists that has been designed by Chef Rosarin to meld together harmoniously and bring out the best of each ingredient. The most recent edition of the tasting menu includes items such as Nang Gai Grob, deep-fried crispy chicken skin served with a spicy galangal chili paste dip, followed by Khang Khao Puek, a dish of taro stuffed with river prawns, served with a side o  refreshing mulberry jam. The main courses include Kung Mae Nam (grilled river prawns served with fragrant jasmine rice) accompanied by Kaeng Singhol (beef cheek curry) and Mara Pad Kai (stir-fried bittersweet gourd and eggs). The meal ends with the hard-to-find Krajiab Dok Jok (rosella honeycomb and a light, uplifting sorbet made from fresh toddy palm.) Each tasting menu comes with a 5-glasses international wine pairing option to further elevate your experience.  


Time-honored Thai dishes and innovative originals

For decades, Celadon has stood out in the Bangkok restaurant scene as the go-to destination for Thai dishes. Dinner at Celadon is the chance to experience Thai food, culture, art, and hospitality in the most exquisite, elegant, and authentic atmosphere. The care and dedication that goes to ensure the title of ‘Best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok’ is not only present in the gastronomy, but also in the traditional-inspired décor and the knowledgeability and hospitality of the staff. A night at the Celadon, with warm lights that reflect off the blooming lotus pond, will simply be a night to remember. This is the experience of Thai food at its most exquisite, innovative, and creative. Reserve a spot with us now and look forward to your unforgettable night at the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok.