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La Scala - The best Italian restaurant in Bangkok

Ever since its doors first opened in 2002, La Scala has always been hailed as the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok. Praise for the authentic tastes, impeccable setting, professional staff, and creative dishes have appeared in numerous reviews and garnered it many accolades. Currently, Bangkok’s best Italian restaurant is helmed by Head Chef Eugenio Cannoni, who hails from the northern Italian region of Piedmont, famed for its food and wine. With decades of experience behind him, Chef Cannoni has furthered La Scala’s reputation as Bangkok’s best Italian restaurant with his new menu and lunch specials. Focusing on combining only the finest and freshest ingredients with authentic Italian techniques and contemporary flair, La Scala’s new menu has received unanimous praise and compliments, further reaffirming its status as the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok.

Based on Chef Cannoni’s philosophy that combines simplicity, authenticity, and creativity, the menu at La Scala is a culinary showcase that expresses the culture, elegance, and vitality of Italy to the maximum. There is something on the menu here for everyone, ranging from traditional recipes such as Spaghetto (artisanal spaghetti, almonds, and Italian mussels) to contemporary interpretations of favorites, such as Manzo, Cavolfiore e Caffe (wagyu, cauliflower, and coffee). As Bangkok’s best Italian restaurant, La Scala strictly follows the Italian tradition of selecting only seasonal and sustainably sourced ingredients. All the pasta here is homemade with a level of craftsmanship that ensures a firm texture with a melt-in-your-mouth quality once cooked al dente. Highest-quality imported cheeses and meats are used in every dish to create the superb La Scala experience. The methods and style here are authentically Italian, but with a dash of modern sensibilities and contemporary techniques to ensure the utmost level of fine dining.   

The Italian Set Lunch Menu at La Scala is perfect for any occasion, whether it be an intimate afternoon or a business lunch to impress. Available from Monday to Friday from 12.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m., choose from a two-course (THB1,288++) or three-course (THB 1,588++) menu, where every dish is made to the standard of the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok. To ensure that the dishes are only ever created from the freshest ingredients, there are three Italian Set Lunch Menus on rotation, to reflect what is available at the moment. Samples items on the menu are appetizers such as Parmigiana Di Gamberi (eggplant, tiger prawn, and fresh buffalo mozzarella), Battuta (beef tartare, parmesan, and hazelnuts), and Uovo e Fonduta (poached egg, Fontina cheese, and Jerusalem artichoke.) Entrees on offer include Faraona Carota e Yuzu (Guinea fowl, carrot, and yuzu) - a dish that harmoniously marries the traditional way of cooking fowl with the tangy taste of Asian yuzu citrus. Another entree that fuses traditional Italian with contemporary taste is Guanciotto (pork cheek, celeriac, and Marsala demi-glace),  

Chef Cannoni’s Piedmontese heritage can be seen in items such as Aragosta, which features lobster, red pepper, and “bagna cauda”, garlic-based sauce that is a stalwart of Piedmontese cooking, whose success depends on using the top-quality olive oil and butter. The appetizer Vitello Tonnato is also a traditional Piedmontese dish, a refreshing starter of veal with tuna sauce, whose success depends on the freshness of every ingredient. Chef Eugenio also adds salsa verde into the dish Faraona e Cavoli (Guinea fowl, fermented cabbage, and salsa verde); this herb sauce is a famous Piedmontese specialty that Chef Eugenio has created and perfected in the way that only a true local can. Only here at Bangkok’s best Italian restaurant, where the ability to identify and source fresh ingredients is married with well-honed techniques can you enjoy such authentic delicacies. 

Visit La Scala in the evening and you will discover that the vibe has changed a little, from the easy confidence of the afternoon to a more elegant, luxurious, and refined air that only dinner at the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok can provide. The menu in the evening is Chef Eugenio’s carefully curated ‘Gastronomic Journey’, a meticulously structured tasting menu that will transport you to Italy with its authentic flavors and beautiful presentations. There are 7 courses, 5 courses, and a 4-course vegetarian option to choose from, all with additional wine pairing options, designed to bring out the full essence of each dish. The sample structure of the indulgent 7-course Gastronomic Journey menu includes starting with Scampo, Foie Gras e Pompelmo (langoustine, foie gras, and grapefruit), followed by the more adventurous and creative Lumache, Cavolo Fermentato e Alghe (escargots, sauerkraut, and seaweed). Return to a more classical Italian dish with Ravioli di Zucca, Agnello e Formaggio di Capra (pumpkin ravioli, lamb ragu, and goat cheese). Continue the pasta course with Tagliolio al Pane, Burro, Acciuga e Caviale (bread tagliolini, butter, anchovies, and caviar), a dish as rich as it is refreshing thanks to the skillful combination of butter and high-quality caviar. Refresh the palate with Ostrica, Mandorla e Formaggio Blu (oyster, almond, and blue cheese), a dish that perfectly balances out the freshness of the imported oyster with the distinctive tang of blue cheese. Return from surf to turf on a high with Manzo, Cavolfiore e Caffe (wagyu, cauliflower, and coffee) before ending the meal sweetly with Ricotta, Lampone, Lychee e Menta (ricotta cheese, raspberry, lychee, and mint). 

The 5-course meal is nothing like the 7-course one. It is a totally different structure and design, with each dish leading to and complementing each other perfectly, so you will have no doubt that you are spending your evening at the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok. Start on a light, vibrant note with Nasello, Dashi alla Piemontese (snow fish filet, Piedmontese dashi), and continue in the seafood theme with Ravioli di Ceci, Gambero Rosso e Bacon (chickpea ravioli and Sicilian red prawns). The main highlights of this 5-course meal are the Aragosta, Peperone e Bagna Cauda (lobster, red bell pepper, and bagna cauda), and the rare Piccione, Arancia e Campari (pigeon, orange, and Campari). End the meal on an indulgent note with Caffe, Nocciola e Cardamomo Nero (coffee, hazelnut, and black cardamom).

La Scala is decorated in a contemporary style that exudes elegance infused with modern sensibilities. The glass-paneled wine cellars that line the wall are as functional as they are elegant, showcasing the fine selection of European wines that La Scala has to offer. Red accents in the decor are a nod to the colors of La Scala’s iconic logo, as well as bring a liveliness to the space. Whether you opt to dine inside and enjoy the energy of the open kitchen, or outside on the patio and enjoy the evening breeze by the pool, you will surely enjoy the perfect culinary experience at the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok

Aside from the authentic taste of Italian cuisine, there are many other features  that make La Scala the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok, whether it be the luxurious setting of The Sukhothai, the layout that combines fine dining with a contemporary flair, and the staffs who will welcome you with classic Sukhothai hospitality. With one visit to La Scala, you will understand why it is considered Bangkok’s best Italian restaurant with a loyal following.