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    Hotel news, opinions and updates from the team at The Sukhothai.

Bulgarian Cuisine

Dear readers,
Just want to share with you my latest food discovery.
Last week we were fortunate to host the celebration for Bulgaria's National Day here in The Sukhothai Bangkok. During that occasion, The Bulgarian Ambassador’s wife, Madame Maya Velichkova, and her mother came to introduce their native land's cooking to me and my team members, and it was an eye opening experience for me culinary-wise.
The food was delicious, with superb flavour, and tasty. Greek and Turkish influences a... Read more

The Chicken at China Town

I went over to Chinatown with my team members last week. This was close to the Chinese New Year, so it was very crowded with shoppers and merchants. I am always excited about the life around the main boulevard and small alleys of Chinatown—everything is so colorful and full of vivacity! We were on a search for new products and ideas for our kitchens. We pass a food stall with hanging boiled chickens, and for some reason it looks stunning and unbelievably fresh. I saw that all the chickens ... Read more

My meeting with Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

I had the enormous privilege of been chosen to meet Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn last month in the Palace together with 16 Executive Chefs from Bangkok. I was feeling very excited the entire morning. Yes, I had butterflies in my stomach too! There she was in front of me, true Royalty.

Her smile was captivating, and had a warmth that was extraordinary. I went to my knees and showed her the gift I had prepared, she looked at me with a smile and admired it very much. It was... Read more

Time for Black Diamond

It has been said that the “black diamond” is intense, earthy, seductive, hauntingly fragrant, and that there is nothing else in the world like a fresh truffle. I love winter because it is the season for the black truffles. I love the intoxication of smells; truffles are really all about texture--that crunch, that element of surprise. And the difference between good and sublime is not negligible … It is enormous!

There are more than 30 varieties of truffles, all members of T... Read more

Easter Sunday at The Sukhothai

Hi there,
As a child in Denmark, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. I found this fascinating ritual of decorating with yellow chicks and painted eggs everywhere really fun and cozy. Originally, eggs were always coloured red, using onion skins, coffee grounds or rose pigment. As the custom spread, it became a favourite among children.

Onion skins were replaced by watercolours, and the “works of art” themselves acquired a new range of cheerful pigments. Chocolate eggs l... Read more

3 Michelin Stars Chef Pascal Barbot at The Sukhothai

My dear readers,
I am very excited to present one of the brightest culinary talents today from France, Chef Pascal Barbot who will be visiting us at The Sukhothai Bangkok in early March. Chef Pascal Barbot was born in 1972 in Vichy, France.

After attending culinary institute he gained an internship at Maxim’s in Paris before moving to Michelin starred restaurants. In 2000 Chef Pascal Barbot opened L’Astrance, his three-Michelin star restaurant in Paris. He draws influence from a... Read more

The International Day of Italian Cuisines 2010

The International Day of Italian Cuisines 2010 is scheduled to take place on Monday, 18th January. This is to celebrate the authentic flavours and culinary culture of Italy.

All chefs of the GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Cooks), a network of over a thousand professionals in Italian oenogastronomy who work all over the world, will lead and promote this global event. This year’s dish of International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) will be Tagliatelle al ragù alla Bolognese. The pr... Read more

A Thai love affair!

Our Celadon Chef, Chef Vira Sanguanwong is an icon in the Thai culinary world here in Bangkok. With more than thirty years experience in the trade, Chef Vira is unceasing in his pursuit of the creative spirit. The flavours he crates take the very best of the traditional, infused with original concepts and novel supplementary ingredients.

He has created a brand of classic tastes which is both memorable and consistently praiseworthy. Chef Vira is content to be an ordinary man who enjoys his wor... Read more

Love is in the Air

Our Italian Chef has a gift for taking the best from his country’s culinary world and combining it with his brilliant mind, creating a cuisine where everything seems to come together. Chef Maurizio’s presentation skills are unique and not overcomplicated. His food and cooking are both elegant and rustic. His food is prepared with a lot of love!

His Valentine’s dishes such as “Creamed Artichokes and Norcia Truffle Soup” are smooth like silk and superb in flavour, ... Read more

Les Amis – French restaurant from Singapore to The Sukhothai

Hope you avoided over indulging on New Year’s Eve! The secret to get you over a hangover is drinking plenty of water, juices and chilled smoothies or a big steamy hot beef Pho!

Once you get over New Year fever I have some great news for you. From 4-6 February we will have a very interesting food promotion from Singapore, namely the famous Les Amis restaurant. It was established in 1995, this award-winning restaurant is no doubt the best French restaurant in Singapore. Les Amis stocks ab... Read more

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