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    Hotel news, opinions and updates from the team at The Sukhothai.

The Sukhothai Signature Cake A Precious Culinary Memory of The Sukhothai Bangkok

Chef Laurent Ganguillet, Executive Pastry Chef of The Sukhothai Bangkok, takes pride in creating the legendary Sukhothai Signature Cake with the intention to offering the opportunity to our guests to “take a sweet memory of The Sukhothai Bangkok back home”.

 Inspired by our all-time favorite, Ginger Truffles, Chef Laurent blends harmoniously two main ingredients; Siamese Ginger, Confit by our care, with the finest chocolate. The cake is topped with an exquisite Ganache made f... Read more

Good Night, Sleep Tight with The Sukhothai Pillow Menu

Let us taking care of you even when you are asleep with The Sukhothai Pillow Menu exclusively from Parker & Morgan, the leading pillow maker company in the world. We offer various kinds and types of pillow that perfectly matches your individual requirement to make sure that you have a very nice and deep sleep as we believe that a well-rested sleep would prepare you to be ready for the rest of day.
Starting with different kind of materials which are waiting for you to choose as you prefer, T... Read more

Wedding Moment at The Sukhothai Bangkok

At The Sukhothai Bangkok, we have seen many kinds of weddings from fancy Indian wedding to classic Christian wedding ceremony. Each has its own uniqueness like our Thai wedding reception.

Starting from our venues at Celadon which it’s not only a classic venue to organize a small cozy wedding, but also perfect for Thai style engagement and wedding ceremony. The decoration and interior design of restaurant help the ceremony to have a special touch of Thai no matter where the camera moves ... Read more

Counting down to 2013 at The Sukhothai Bangkok

Dear Readers,
In less than 6 hours, people around Thailand will shout out together “สวัสดีปีใหม่ ” or “Happy New Year”. Another year have passed, everyone at The Sukhothai Bangkok would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best and have a great year ahead.
Tonight most of you may spend this memorable moment with your family, friends or your love ones. At The Sukhothai Bangkok, we have prepared spectacular set up from the main... Read more

Slim Down Cooler - Healthy Drink

It’s time to get healthier with our creation of “Healthy drinks” available at Pool Terrace of The Sukhothai Bangkok or simply follow our guide line and make this chill drinks at home.
“Slim Down Cooler” is the perfect choice for someone who have high cholesterol problems and help create immune system to prevent from serious deceases such as diabetes and cancer. Not only it helps purify our body, it’s also a perfect substitute for a regular energy drinks after... Read more

The Story of The Sukhothai Bangkok's Logo

On 8 November 2012, The Sukhothai Bangkok will celebrate the hotel anniversary, “21 years of excellence”. Every step you take in the hotel is full with history and many changes happened along the way. The only one thing that never changes is our logo.
Many of our guests may not know that before we even created this simple logo we went through many ideas and finalize into 2 things. Firstly, the logo is diligently design in the shape of Chedi which was inspired by the reign of Sukhoth... Read more

Siam Sunrays Recipe

The next time you visit The Zuk Bar, step outside of your same-old routine and experiment a little by ordering something out of the ordinary, such as cocktails inspired by the Land of Smiles with Thai herbal ingredients.  
To experience something different, a Siam Sunray is the perfect choice, where unusual ingredients like ginger, lemongrass, bergamot and chili are infused with spirits. Shed a new light of life when you visit The Zuk Bar. Sit back and allow our bartenders to shake up a gl... Read more

Consistenza di Amadei

Your most exquisite chocolate experience can happen at The Sukhothai Bangkok with our famous chocolate buffet, and also just by ordering your very own chocolate dessert at La Scala. Using the best of the best ingredients, Chef Maurizio chooses what is considered to be one of the finest chocolates in the world, “Amadei” chocolate, as the main ingredient in La Scala’s desserts.
Anyone who desires a piece of chocolate heaven on a plate should not overlook The “Consistenza d... Read more

Healing Drinks

Freshen up and nourish your body from the inside out with our new healing drinks. Instead of the old standbys of alcohol, coffee or soda, feel even better by replacing them with a glass full natural goodness that keeps you energized and satisfied for far longer. At The Sukhothai Bangkok, we understand the importance of keeping healthy yet of also being indulged at the same time.
There are many selections of Healing Drinks which are categorized for different purposes, whether smoothies to help y... Read more

Choosing the Right Spa Treatment for You

Here at The Sukhothai, Spa Botanica offers a wide range of treatments made to suit every one of our guest’s personal needs. With such an extensive list, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “which treatment should I go for?”
From business trips to weekend getaways, it is important to know what your personal health needs are and how different treatments can affect you. There is always an opportunity to practice personal wellness, and we have just the right s... Read more

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