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    Hotel news, opinions and updates from the team at The Sukhothai.

Sukhothai "Tri Ratna" Lobby Centerpiece

Standing elegantly in the heart of our lobby is a floral centerpiece created by Khun Sakul Intakul. Inspired by the teachings of the Buddha, this work of art is called “Sukhothai Tri Ratna” which means “Triple Jewel of the Dawn of Happiness”. The “Tri Ratna” expresses the foundations of Buddhism which include: The Buddha (the enlightened one), The Dharma (the teachings) and The Sangha (the community of monks).
At the base of this floral piece are lotuses, sym... Read more

The Sukhothai Frozen Sandwiches

The Sukhothai Frozen Sandwiches.
After spending some time putting together interesting ideas and inspirations, fresh out of the bakery emerges the final creation that comes with an extra pleasant surprise. Now what comes to your mind when the words “frozen sandwich” are mentioned? The word “sandwich” is most likely to be associated with savoury foods, certainly, but you won’t believe what our culinary team has in fact created until you’ve tried The Sukhothai ... Read more

Pat Pat at The Sukhothai

The “Pat Pat and Chaipattana” foundation was established by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, executive chairperson of the Chaipattana Foundation. The foundation was created with its objective to promote products manufactured and food grown by villages around the country, as well as to improve the standard of living for all Thai people through increasing income and promoting awareness in each community of its resources, traditions and abilities. Products produced fr... Read more

Khao Chae- The Summer Delicacy

Whenever April approaches, those living in Thailand can expect the month to come with the yearly traditions of the Songkran festival, generous work breaks and the unwelcome summer weather at its peak. Of course, this month also brings along its celebratory vibes, and among all the highlights that are part of this season is included a unique Thai dish: “Khao Chae”.  “Khao” means rice and “Chae” means to soak in water, named after the heart of the dish that... Read more

Spa Treatments for Travellers

Air travel, being the most common and popular choice of long distance transportation, not only makes travelling across the world easier but it can also be harsh on your body. If you’re lucky, your whole trip may last only a couple of hours. However, all too common is the grueling long-haul flight which certainly causes your body to go out of sync, along with other bodily discomforts. With this in mind, Spa Botanica has unique treatments catering especially to suit travellers.
Travellers R... Read more

Dining Amongst Nature At Celadon.

Those who have had the chance to visit Celadon and enjoy the authentic fine Thai cuisine have all said one thing: it is a unique dining experience, as memorable by all the senses as it is in simply taste, through the dishes fashioned by a dynamic team lead by Chef Jimmy and in its décor and atmosphere.
Maintaining its iconic character, the picturesque restaurant continues to keep diners engaged with new promotions and concepts introduced by Chef Jimmy, from Celadon Highlights to incorpor... Read more


We have been keeping ourselves busy these past few months, as business has bounced back very quickly and very strongly since the flood crisis last year. The kitchens are buzzing with banquet operations as well as for the guests returning to our restaurants.
The White Truffle promotion was a huge success in La Scala. Chef Maurizio had some excellent creations on offer and the response was huge. In fact, popularity was so high that we struggled to keep up with demand. Now Maurizio ha... Read more

Welcome Chef Antony Scholtmeyer

Greetings. Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Antony Scholtmeyer and I am the new Executive Chef at The Sukhothai Bangkok. I have been here since late September and have spent the last two months settling into my new position and finding my way around the city.
A little bit about me is that I am from Australia and for the past three years I have lived in China, and before that, Portugal, Singapore, Qatar, Hawaii, Japan and England.
A lot of my career had been working in fr... Read more

Mozzarella Bar at La Scala

Buongiorno to Everyone!!
It’s time to think about the new menu as summer passes by …
I would like to dedicate a bit of time to my new corner implemented at La Scala … THE MOZZARELLA BAR!
I am indeed falling in love with organic and biologic ingredients and I discovered an amazing Farm in southern Italy where they produce amazing BURRATA.
Burrata means "buttered" in Italian. And like butter is exactly how it melts in your mouth and enhances dishes. Usually served at room t... Read more

Calgary Stampede

Hi All!
I just came back from my Summer Holiday and I have ended my journey with couple of days at the Calgary Stampede…

The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The ten-day event, which bills itself as "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth", attracts over one million visitors per year and features the world's largest rodeo, a parade, midway, stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions, chuck wagon racing ... Read more

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