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Bonjourno Rome

Bonjourno, Rome!
This is springtime. I arrived late afternoon in the colorful Piazza Campo dei Fiori in Rome with great excitement and expectation. I had researched Roman cuisine for weeks and couldn’t wait to try it. I want to eat like a Roman in Rome!
I tried tender tripe in creamy, spicy tomato sauce. Sprinkled with pecorino cheese, it was hearty and tasty. The fresh Porcini mushrooms with fresh made pasta were delicious. Suckling pig roasted with laurel herb, garlic and black p... Read more

The 2010 World Cup at The Sukhothai

The South African Embassy in Bangkok celebrated the official opening of The 2010 World Cup at The Sukhothai Bangkok last Friday evening. We were very proud to hand over a golden chocolate World Cup trophy to His Excellency Ambassador Gibson.
South Africa kicked off the tournament by earning a 1-1 draw against Mexico. The late evening atmosphere was amazing with a feast of African bush style braai with borewores, steak rolls, amazing kebabs, plenty of chilled beer and beautiful South Afr... Read more

Yakitori Tokyo

I like to walk along the colorful backstreet stalls under the railway near the Imperial Hotel. A good time is between 5-8 pm, when office workers are scurrying to catch their trains home and sometimes break their stride to perch on a streetside stool for a quick beer and yakitori and bit of gossip. I passed a tiny yet cozy stall, literally a hole in the railway, with the deliciously fragrant smoke from the grill in the air irresistible and enticing. The place was packed and looked chaotic... Read more

Japan Revealed

Two months ago in March I was asked by my company to go to Sendai city in Miyagi region, north of Japan. The reason was to help with the grand opening of our new Leading Hotel of The World Onsen Resort & Spa "Chikusenso" situated in the tiny village of Mt. Zao 1 hours drive from Sendai.
I knew this was going to be an exciting and eye-opening experience, and I just couldn’t wait.
The resort has a sophisticated open-air bath where the hot spring comes straight from a fountainhead. Styl... Read more

Arros Rice

I have always wanted to learn and see a real Spaniard cook authentic Paella in my kitchen. So I took the challenge and asked my dear Spanish friend Nora to demonstrate once for all at my home. I could not wait any longer! Nora came over with her real paella pan or caldero and she is original from Almeria situated in middle of the beautiful region of Andalucia.

I have learnt that Spanish rice dates back to the eighth or ninth century brought in by the Moorish invasion. The rice was cultivated ... Read more

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