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Winery Inspection at Khao Yai

Posted: March 7, 2011

In the first week of February, The Sukhothai F&B Team went on a mission to inspect the Granmonte Winery in Khao Yai and to look at the Grapes before the harvest. The harvest in Thailand has the same cycle as in South Africa.

February is the perfect time to harvest because the grapes are used to the perfect weather with nearly no rain during the cool season. However the soil is very dry and the wine has a pretty hard time to survive, which gives the grapes extra concentrated flavor due to the low water inclusion. 

The Granmonte Scenery

Wines and Microclimate Station

In Thailand there is no strong winter and the vines could be pruned twice a year, but it would have a very big impact on the quality of the grape and would cause erosion and compression of the soil which leads into certain death of the plant. There are a couple of interesting techniques in irritating the vine to simulate winter or prevent pruning which I am going to feature in further articles in the near future.

Yes, growing good wine in Thailand is possible though tricking nature a bit and it needs more attention than in popular wine regions. But, there are some very respectable New World Wine style wines from Thailand on the market and the quality of wines is improving every year. 

Chenin Blanc Grapes, very nice and sweet

Nikki, a young lady, is the wine maker and she explained to our team in detail what wine is all about here and developed some eagerness in some of us to learn more about this beautiful beverage. During the training session, she offered a lot of new ideas to think about. Pruning, Micro-Climate, Harvest, De-Stemmer and Crusher, Malolaktik Fermentation Tank, controlled filtration—for everyone these were a big question mark. 

The Winery. De-stemmer & Crusher, for what do I need that?

The Wine Cellar. Oak, why do I need to put it in oak?

Most of my team were usually only interested in learning by doing whiskey tastings before, but became very enthusiastic and interested as they experienced this style of wine production and how many steps it takes.

The Inspection Tractor through the vineyard

The Inspection Tractor through the vineyard

It still needs many years to implement wine knowledge and interest in Thailand, but on this blog I am going to present the first learning curve with interesting wine and food pairing knowledge, as well as weekly news and ideas to inspire you too in becoming a wine connoisseur. Don’t miss what follows…

The F&B team is always looking forward to improving your wining and dining experience at The Sukhothai.

What about your experiences with Thai or New World Wines? We would be really glad to hear your stories.


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