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White Alba Truffle

Posted: November 19, 2009

Dear Readers,

Next month from December 3 to Christmas Eve, I have exclusive access to a handpicked selection of fresh White Alba truffles, flown to us direct from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. You may already know that the White Alba truffle season runs from early October to early January, with late November and December being the peak.

The White Alba is more delicate and more intoxicatingly fragrant than any other truffle, including the Black Winter truffle, with an aroma that is variously referred to as musky, sexy, and garlicky. I find it tastes like “the perfect marriage between a clove of garlic and a piece of the best aged Parmesan cheese”. This year’s White Alba truffle looks very promising indeed (see picture).

It would not be a cheap culinary experience for you, but I can promise that you will get plenty of White Alba truffles with each serving. So, for a truly special dining experience, don’t miss this fragrant culinary delicacy. Otherwise you’ll have to wait another year before White Alba truffle season arrives again.

Thank you.

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