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The Sukhothai Signature Cake A Precious Culinary Memory of The Sukhothai Bangkok

Posted: March 18, 2013

Chef Laurent Ganguillet, Executive Pastry Chef of The Sukhothai Bangkok, takes pride in creating the legendary Sukhothai Signature Cake with the intention to offering the opportunity to our guests to “take a sweet memory of The Sukhothai Bangkok back home”.

 Inspired by our all-time favorite, Ginger Truffles, Chef Laurent blends harmoniously two main ingredients; Siamese Ginger, Confit by our care, with the finest chocolate. The cake is topped with an exquisite Ganache made from French Cream and a 72% Grand Cru “Venezuela” Chocolate. The bitter-sweet chocolate coating brings the final touch to this unique texture of this delectable cake that we hope you will long remember.

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