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The Sukhothai Frozen Sandwiches

Posted: June 18, 2012

The Sukhothai Frozen Sandwiches.

After spending some time putting together interesting ideas and inspirations, fresh out of the bakery emerges the final creation that comes with an extra pleasant surprise. Now what comes to your mind when the words “frozen sandwich” are mentioned? The word “sandwich” is most likely to be associated with savoury foods, certainly, but you won’t believe what our culinary team has in fact created until you’ve tried The Sukhothai Frozen Sandwiches which are just perfect for dessert!

Initially the inspiration came from Bangkok’s coconut ice cream vendors which are commonly found patrolling the streets of Bangkok, offering a scoop of ice cream in a roll of bread. Adapting that simple and truly Bangkokian concept to create The Sukhothai Frozen Sandwiches using different ingredients and flavours, we have created a deliciously handy treat.


Let us introduce you to The Sukhothai Frozen Sandwiches:


Iced Pear Parfait, Toasted Cocoa Brioche, Goat Cheese and Warm Cranberries

Mango and Coconut Sorbet Wraps, Fresh Mango, Sticky Rice and Toasted Sesame

Open Face Pistachio Macaron Sandwich, Frozen Yuzu Yoghurt, Caramelized Banana

Sweet Bun, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jelly, Vanilla Ice Cream

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