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The Chicken at China Town

Posted: February 22, 2010

I went over to Chinatown with my team members last week. This was close to the Chinese New Year, so it was very crowded with shoppers and merchants. I am always excited about the life around the main boulevard and small alleys of Chinatown—everything is so colorful and full of vivacity! We were on a search for new products and ideas for our kitchens. We pass a food stall with hanging boiled chickens, and for some reason it looks stunning and unbelievably fresh. I saw that all the chickens were free-range, not a single one was industry farmed. I’m instantly hooked.

The problem today is lots of the chicken you see in the supermarket is not naturally grown chicken, but flour and protein based chicken. They raise chickens on farms which keep the lights on around the clock. The chickens are fooled into believing it’s daylight so they keep on eating non-stop. The normal six month period of growth is shortened to 2-3 months, after which they can sell these chickens. Chickens are not reared naturally but intensively bred with chemicals.

Younger generations today don’t often go to the fresh markets and don’t cook at home. They all eat out, unaware of the toxic contamination in this kind of food. Expensive fast food or junk food often contains flour and dairy products. How can it not be fattening? When you eat only dairy products and fats followed by carbonated soft drinks, very soon after this you are hungry again, so you eat the same old food repeatedly. Without a proper warning, future kids will receive a non-hygienic and non-nutritious diet. How will they be able to have good intellectual capacity and good health? It’s an often-overlooked crisis, in my opinion.

Anyway, we all ended up in a neighborhood restaurant and tried out the local authentic Hainanese chicken with rice. It was super-fresh and full of flavor. Beyond anything you could get in a supermarket or fast food restaurant …

Thank you.

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