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Sukhothai "Tri Ratna" Lobby Centerpiece

Posted: July 5, 2012

Standing elegantly in the heart of our lobby is a floral centerpiece created by Khun Sakul Intakul. Inspired by the teachings of the Buddha, this work of art is called “Sukhothai Tri Ratna” which means “Triple Jewel of the Dawn of Happiness”. The “Tri Ratna” expresses the foundations of Buddhism which include: The Buddha (the enlightened one), The Dharma (the teachings) and The Sangha (the community of monks).

At the base of this floral piece are lotuses, symbolizing the Buddha as the cornerstone of Buddhism; tuberoses, with their pleasant fragrance representing The Dharma; and the easily propagated reed mace, which symbolizes The Sangha, who spread The Dharma teachings.

The five tiers of this installation symbolize five fundamental moral precepts, the basic rule of conduct and ethics in Buddhism, which followers must practice on their journey to enlightenment.

We hope the Sukhothai Tri Ratna brings you pleasure and joy every time you step into our Lobby.

Thank you.

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