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Spa Treatments for Travellers

Posted: March 28, 2012

Air travel, being the most common and popular choice of long distance transportation, not only makes travelling across the world easier but it can also be harsh on your body. If you’re lucky, your whole trip may last only a couple of hours. However, all too common is the grueling long-haul flight which certainly causes your body to go out of sync, along with other bodily discomforts. With this in mind, Spa Botanica has unique treatments catering especially to suit travellers.

Travellers Retreat:
After a very long flight, a 2 hour treatment session consisting of 30 minutes Moor Bath and a 60 minutes soothing aromatherapy massage, can assist in your recovery. In addition to this, you can choose from a 30 minutes foot massage or radiance facial. At the end of your treatment, a delicious two-course nutrient rich spa cuisine is also included!

Travel Tonic:
This treatment is created especially for relieving one of the many common discomforts travellers suffer from, backaches and poor circulation in the legs. Treatments to target these problematic areas include a 60 minutes therapeutic back massage, plus 30 minutes energizing leg treatment to relieve fluid retention. The combination can work wonders!

Flight Reviver:
The Flight reviver treatment is particularly aimed at restoring and rebalancing your skin and body’s well-being.  Your session starts with a choice of either 70 minutes of Swedish or East-West Blend massage plus inhalation therapy, with the warm soothing rub of Tension Balm on your neck and shoulders. Your last 20 minutes are finished off nicely with a cleansing and moisturizing facial, leaving you pampered from head to toe.

After hearing about these unique treatments, as a frequent traveller which one of these would you like to try out? Remember, if you’re unsure or would like more information, do not hesitate to discuss any of your concerns with our Spa therapist at  .

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