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New Thimian Products

Posted: December 26, 2009

We have just launched two beautiful new products in our elegant cake shop Thimian.

These sumptuous mature coconut flake cookies with whipped egg whites, salt and brown sugar are delicate and they look irresistible on the edge of a fine bone china saucer. Sometimes it’s the plain cookie that is the best.

The coconut cookies are wonderfully crispy and fluffy and extremely delicious, they melt in your mouth and make the perfect accompaniment for a cup of scented tea, such as Mariage Earl Grey or Mariage Marco Polo.

The Lotus seeds with brown sugar and salt are divine. These crispy and sweet seeds are just irresistible, once you start eating them, it’s easy to forget yourself, so take a handful and put the rest away. They are apparently good for the heart, spleen and kidneys.

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