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My Day with Chef Pascal Barbot

Posted: March 11, 2010


It is the second day of our exclusive Pascal Barbot promotion and I am already tried! Waking up this morning at 6:45am when the alarm went off was honestly a very painful experience! Obviously I stayed in bed until the very last minute…so now I’m in turbo speed mode.

Pascal Barbot

Knowing the last 3 days is fully booked for lunch and dinner makes me seriously think of indulging in a grand breakfast with lots of healthy “fat”, protein and carb-focused breakfast cereals. Breakfast this morning was quick and delicious. I rushed to the hotel with a local crazy motor-bike driver without an accident or broken bones!

Pascal Barbot

Sitting in the morning meeting with our General Manager and the rest of the executive team members was quite challenging after a long night with our three star Michelin Chef. The only thing I had in my head was to return to my office and close the door, and casually put my feet up on of my desk, rest my head back, can’t wait to close my eyes and catch a few z’s. But that of course evaporated very quickly like dew vanishing into thin air!

Pascal Barbot

We only had four hours to get ready until the La Scala doors open again to the next wave of excited guests who understandably have sky-high expectations, so it was all hands on deck to make sure everything gets done. No matter what the dish, if the essential foundation preparation is not carried out correctly, then what follows is a waste of time. There is no time for corrections later.

Pascal Barbot

The lunch service went amazingly smoothly and fast too. Chef Pascal was calm and relaxed. It is truly a pleasure to have him and his team members with us at The Sukhothai Bangkok.

An exhausted Chef Nam!

Thank you.

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