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Mozzarella Bar at La Scala

Posted: August 31, 2011

Buongiorno to Everyone!!

It’s time to think about the new menu as summer passes by …

I would like to dedicate a bit of time to my new corner implemented at La Scala … THE MOZZARELLA BAR!

I am indeed falling in love with organic and biologic ingredients and I discovered an amazing Farm in southern Italy where they produce amazing BURRATA.

Burrata means "buttered" in Italian. And like butter is exactly how it melts in your mouth and enhances dishes. Usually served at room temperature, this fresh Italian cheese is a delightful combination of buffalo mozzarella and cream, cow’s milk, salt and rennet ... though you would think it was made by angels in a heavenly alternate universe where everything looks beautiful and all tastes are divine.
The outer layer comprises a thin layer of mozzarella and when sliced open, a creamy thickened panna (cream) falls from the center.

Sukthothai Confidential

Burrata was first made about 100 years ago on the Bianchini farm in Murgia, an area in the Apulia region of southern Italy, and is now a staple of Puglia. In the 1950s, cheeseries began making it by using ritagli ("scraps" or "legs") the way a Farmer might save scraps for the production of head cheese.

Best served within 24 hours of production, Burrata is the perfect complement to antipasti or vegetables, or simply spread on a piece of artisanal bread and dusted with olive oil, salt and cracked pepper.

As I always like to re-invent Italian food, I have made a small advance in the classic method of Eating Caviar … I substitute the fresh cream with Burrata by keeping all the Mimosa condiments (egg, shallots, capers, chives and cornichons) untouched. I top the cheese with a full spoon of Imperial Caviar and that’s it!!

Sukthothai Confidential

Come and try it—simply indulgent!!!

Thank you.

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