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Margot Janse in October 2010

Posted: November 18, 2010

I would like to thank Chef Margot for a beautiful promotion which was held last month at La Scala.

Chef Margot Janse in La Scala

The food was delicious, with a lightened presentation and modern techniques. Margot brought in ingredients from her region, which we all were fascinated by and enjoyed greatly.

Chef Margot and the team

Chef Margot's talent for turning these simple ingredients into awesome dishes makes it look magically easy and “painless”. I like her slow-cooking technique and her addition of flavors from cultures around the world.

Chef Margot's dishes

I think cooking is not just about recipes, is it? It is about how to take ingredients and make them taste as good as possible, something which Margot manages very well.

Chef Margot and Chef Laurent


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