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Limoncello de La Scala

Posted: October 21, 2010

Hi everyone,

I became so fascinated with limoncello a few months ago after a trip to Amalfi, Italy, in May this year that I decided, together with Chef Maurizio, to make our own limoncello in La Scala. Homemade limoncello is fairly easy and simple to make, but doing so makes a huge difference from the commercial products available and is so worth the effort!

Limoncello de La Scala

Authentic limoncello is made from Sorrento lemons, which come from the Amalfi coast, and an infusion the lemon skins in pure alcohol (95 %), to which a sugar syrup is added. It is great for a nice aperitif and after-dinner digestive.

Limoncello de La Scala

Our "Limoncello de La Scala" is served well chilled (out of the freezer) and it’s delightfully sweet, lemony, refreshing and smooth. Please come and try it out, on a complimentary basis, and in case you like it and are curious about how it was made, I will be delighted to share the recipe.

Limoncello de La Scala

In addition, we will be offering a homemade lemon-flavored Black Sambuca with our compliments as well.


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chef green

Posted: April 29, 2011

I miss the fragrance of pizza. Miss you all.

Thank you.

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