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La Scala welcomes the finest ham in the world!

Posted: September 17, 2009

Next week on Tuesday 22 Sep in our Italian restaurant La Scala, together with our talented Italian Chef, Maurizio Menconi we are going to do something real "crazy" or some would call it “madness”.

Believe it or not, we are going to bring the finest ham in the world to The Sukhothai. The name of the ham is Jamon Iberico or popularly known as the Pata Negra from Spain. The Spanish just know how to make ham, I know that La Scala just want to give you some info; this ham is made from the Iberian pig. The breeding of the Iberian pig is restricted to an area in Southwestern Spain and Southwestern Portugal. “God knows why”! Although fed some cereals, these pigs also roam the countryside and feed on acorns. Iberico pigs love acorns. I mean they really love acorns. Each pig can eat ten kilos of acorns a day. During the fall and winter, when the acorns are falling from the trees, the pigs are released to fatten up. Amazing isn’t it? It’s the nuttiest, porkiest ham I’ve ever eaten. Not salty at all but really tasty.

The price of the ham is insane! I am not going to tell my General Manager about it, otherwise I might have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it, but it is well worth it. I promise you can ask for a taste before buying any Iberico ham. In fact, ask for a taste of the Jamon Iberico and then ask for a taste of prosciutto di Parma. This kind of side-by-side tasting will give you some much-needed context for judging Jamon Iberico. You may decide to stick to prosciutto, but at least you’ll know mate! I will make sure Chef Maurizio doesn’t charge you…! I mean for the tasting…

Thank you.

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