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Khun Petch Osathanugrah

Posted: March 10, 2010


Yesterday was a very busy day for me with three star Michelin chef Pascal Barbot’s promotion in full swing at La Scala restaurant. I was intoxicated by the busy agenda and happened to be walking fast through Colonnade restaurant.

Here was our beloved regular guest Thai artist Khun Petch Osathanugrah. Khun Petch has his usual lunch with friends in Colonnade very regularly, and briefly I stopped by to greet him and saw incidentally his guitar beside him. I just needed to cool down and jokingly asked Khun Petch if he could sing a song for me. To my great surprise he quickly took up his guitar and gave a spontaneous live performance of his very beloved song “Chan Mai Chai Pu Viseth”— I’m not a magic man. It is a beautiful uplifting song and has such a nice flow that it made me feel so cheerful, it almost got me up and dancing!

Thanks Khun Petch for making my day.


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