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Herb Garden

Posted: December 16, 2010

Hi everyone,

Herb gardening is not a difficult hobby to become involved in, and the rewards can be great. Unlike many other types of gardening, the plants are very inexpensive and easy to maintain, especially if you are living in Southeast Asia. The beginner can be an instant success, and as time goes by, develop into a master gardener, growing more difficult and esoteric plants. There is room for all skill levels and many different garden situations. In short, herb gardening is for everybody.

Sukthothai Confidential

Our herb garden gives the food we serve in Celadon the biggest possible lift for a very small effort; it gives fresh green flavours for every service as well as greenery living right on my doorstep. Vegetables and herbs, with their colours, pictures, forms and aromas are much more creative than animal flesh. Nothing can replace the joy of creating and watching the produce grow.

Sukthothai Confidential

Part of our crop is set aside for lunch and dinner every day. We pick our herbs and vegetables in the morning and they are on the table for lunch and dinner on the same day. We welcome our guests to come and walk through our Chef’s garden, select any plants that appeal to them, and then experiment with them in our kitchen.

Sukthothai Confidential

Our main herbs and vegetables are coriander, four different basils, laksa leaves, mint, kaffir lime, pandanus, torch ginger, lemongrass, bird’s-eye chili, galangal, cherry tomato and mini apple eggplants - just to mention a few! If you don't have enough room for a large herb garden, grow your own miniature garden in a pot indoors or outdoors.

Sukthothai Confidential

Sukthothai Confidential

Culinary regards,


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Nudy Nutsati

Posted: April 27, 2011

Thanks for save food quality by this way.

Thank you.

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