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Hamburger with Crispy Steak Fries by Chef Angie

Posted: November 18, 2009

Women line chefs, however they might fare in the usually male-dominated world of hotel kitchens, are a particular delight. To have a tough female line chef on your team can be a true joy, and a civilizing factor in a unit. Angie is our Chef de Cuisine in the Colonnade restaurant. Her food is simple and tasty, especially the Hamburger with Crispy Steak Fries.

There is nothing more satisfying than a good hamburger, especially if a glass or two of red wine accompanies it. The problem is, of course, that for a dish that is cooked in so many fast food joints, cafes and restaurants around the world, it is still bloody hard to get a good one. But the good news is you can get a great and meaty burger in Colonnade restaurant. Angie uses only the freshest, best-quality meat, and she doesn’t use too much in the way of filling, which makes sense to me, because the meat tastes clean, succulent and delicious, so why mask it? On top she adds a little cheese, crispy bacon, crunchy onion slices, a few slices of tomato and a thin layer of pickled cucumbers. She uses a freshly made bun evenly toasted on both sides.

The hamburger tastes marvelous.

Thank you.

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