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Good Night, Sleep Tight with The Sukhothai Pillow Menu

Posted: February 27, 2013

Let us taking care of you even when you are asleep with The Sukhothai Pillow Menu exclusively from Parker & Morgan, the leading pillow maker company in the world. We offer various kinds and types of pillow that perfectly matches your individual requirement to make sure that you have a very nice and deep sleep as we believe that a well-rested sleep would prepare you to be ready for the rest of day.

Starting with different kind of materials which are waiting for you to choose as you prefer, The Sukhothai Pillow Menu offers Buckingham Micro-Fibre : a hypoallergenic micro-fibres which is ideal for allergy sufferers, Belgravia Goose Down : asoftness pillow and an ability to conform to your desired shape, Chelsea Latex : one of the most comfortable and sanitary materials in bedding today, Knightsbridge Memory Foam :a pillow thatmoulds to your shape, providing unrivalled support and comfort, Eco-Friendly Range (Lyocell, Bamboo, Buckwheat) :natural material is perfect for sensitive skin and Wellness Pillows (Lavender, Chamomile) : an aroma sense of flowers coming in sachet.

At The Sukhothai Bangkok, where pillow means more than bedding, we also provide type of pillow that ideally fits your physical needs such as Wedge Pillow, triangle-shaped foam pillow, which designed for people who suffer from acid reflux and GERD and Pregnancy Pillow whichdesigned to support an expectant mother’s middle body.

After a long hectic day in The City of Angle, give yourself a precious treat by the perfect pillow that allows you to recharge the energy and be ready the following sunshine day.


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