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Gleneagles Cuisine at The Sukhothai

Posted: October 16, 2009

We have a great opportunity to work with The Sukhothai and create a truly Scottish experience for all the guests in La Scala and to add to the afternoon tea offering in the bar.

At Gleneagles we are very proud of our heritage and have many classic dishes that feature on the menus around the resort, as well as 'modern' dishes, produced with the very best ingredients we can source – both locally and internationally.

For dinners we will be featuring traditional and seasonal Scottish produce prepared with a light touch and a twist on the 'Classics' such as sweet Scallops complemented by the tartness of sumac, a traditional fish soup from the north of Scotland flavoured with parsley and nutmeg and venison flambéed in Talisker whisky which adds both sweetness and smoke.

The chocolate afternoon teas at the Sukhothai are already a great opportunity for indulgence and whilst we are there, we will add to this by featuring many traditional Scottish pastries. Several of the recipes that will be used come from pastry chef Neil’s grandmother, who taught him cookery skills from an early age. The additions will include oak roast salmon on mustard scones, rich fruit Dundee cake, fondant iced gingerbread and an opportunity to try some 'frozen whisky' which complements chocolate beautifully.

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