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Easter Sunday at The Sukhothai

Posted: February 2, 2010

Hi there,

As a child in Denmark, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. I found this fascinating ritual of decorating with yellow chicks and painted eggs everywhere really fun and cozy. Originally, eggs were always coloured red, using onion skins, coffee grounds or rose pigment. As the custom spread, it became a favourite among children.

Onion skins were replaced by watercolours, and the “works of art” themselves acquired a new range of cheerful pigments. Chocolate eggs later replaced decorated hens’ egg. The first chocolate eggs were real eggshells filled with fine chocolate.

The best is of course the Easter tables. The Danish love to eat and we loved to have a buffet with lots of choices. No one ever left any of my mom’s tables hungry.

Easter is also the time to welcome the refreshing spring season, meaning the end of the long, dark winter. For members of the Russian Orthodox church, Easter means both a joyful festival and the end of the longest fast of the year.

So, in The Sukhothai, the celebration of Easter Sunday is with a beautiful Easter Sunday Buffet in Colonnade restaurant. Young lamb, Glazed Ham, Roma Easter Soup and Hungarian Goulash are among traditional Easter dishes, and there will be something particularly special for dessert. It’s a great opportunity to get together with your family members and enjoy the holiday to the fullest at the Colonnade on April 4.

Thank you.

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