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Dining Amongst Nature At Celadon.

Posted: March 12, 2012

Those who have had the chance to visit Celadon and enjoy the authentic fine Thai cuisine have all said one thing: it is a unique dining experience, as memorable by all the senses as it is in simply taste, through the dishes fashioned by a dynamic team lead by Chef Jimmy and in its décor and atmosphere.

Maintaining its iconic character, the picturesque restaurant continues to keep diners engaged with new promotions and concepts introduced by Chef Jimmy, from Celadon Highlights to incorporating the Herb Garden, not only in the daily culinary process but now in the dining experience itself for guests.

Chef Jimmy explains his plans and inspiration behind this new Herb Garden dining concept,

“I want to create something different. Sometimes dining in a typical indoor restaurant environment can get boring. So the concept is, while guests are having dinner, there will be a live cooking station there where the food is being prepared in front of them; if guests would like to join in the cooking process of their meal, they are more than welcome. Most of the food included in this Herb Garden set dinner is created from premium imported ingredients that emphasize the Thai herbs grown from this garden!”


( “Puong Chompu” Herb Garden Set Menu )

Freshness and liveliness is not only emphasized but a further exclusivity to this dining experience is available for booking, whether for a private business dinner or an intimate romantic dinner, a private butler at your service throughout the evening.

This is only one of many exciting ideas being introduced and there is more coming to Celadon in the future, so we will keep you posted. In the meantime, would you care to join us one evening in Celadon’s enchanting Herb Garden?

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