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Delicious Beef & Pork Noodles for 1 US$ only

Posted: December 5, 2010

Hi readers,

In case you are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a must try is Beef & Pork noodles in the center of Chiang Mai (please see the pictures). The menu is very simple: beef or pork, and there are three kinds of noodles, “sen mee” rice stick noodles, “sen lee” thin stranded rice noodles and “sen yai” flat rice noodles.

The Sukhothai Hotel

You can choose to have them served cooked dry or in a soup. It is very local and is always busy with line ups during peak hours. It’s authentic home cooking Thai-Chinese comfort food. Don’t expect service or ambiance, but who cares anyway, because the food is so good and delicious and the fun part is it only costs roughly US$ 1 per bowl. You can get in and get out of the restaurant in 15 minutes. However, just one bowl of noodles is not enough for me. I had 3 bowls of that delicious lunch.

The Sukhothai Hotel

The Sukhothai Hotel

Culinary regards,


Thank you.

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