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Consistenza di Amadei

Posted: August 30, 2012

Your most exquisite chocolate experience can happen at The Sukhothai Bangkok with our famous chocolate buffet, and also just by ordering your very own chocolate dessert at La Scala. Using the best of the best ingredients, Chef Maurizio chooses what is considered to be one of the finest chocolates in the world, “Amadei” chocolate, as the main ingredient in La Scala’s desserts.

Anyone who desires a piece of chocolate heaven on a plate should not overlook The “Consistenza di Amadei” dessert, which has six different textures and is 70% Amadei Chocolate. The combination is something to remember for decades—or at least until your next visit!

The dessert starts from the base with a chocolate feuilletine topped with another layer of chocolate ganache, superseded by a mousse. The core of the dessert is filled with a white chocolate pana cotta. And to nicely finish this indulgent piece of art, a hard layer of chocolate is perfectly situated, while the whole creation is dripping with warm liquid chocolate.  It may look simple on the surface but it’s most likely to mark its place forever in your taste buds’ memory. Visit La Scala and try it for yourself! 


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