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Choosing the Right Spa Treatment for You

Posted: July 25, 2012

Here at The Sukhothai, Spa Botanica offers a wide range of treatments made to suit every one of our guest’s personal needs. With such an extensive list, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “which treatment should I go for?”

From business trips to weekend getaways, it is important to know what your personal health needs are and how different treatments can affect you. There is always an opportunity to practice personal wellness, and we have just the right solution, so read on to find out what your body calls for.

For the Traditional Thai Experience

The Thai massage is an oil-free treatment in which therapists use pressure in certain areas throughout the body and stretching techniques to alleviate muscles, increase blood circulation and leave one feeling relaxed.

Combine this with the hot herbal compress treatment and feel the natural benefits of various herbs seep into your skin. The assortment of herbs in a compress, including lemongrass, Kaffir lime, turmeric and many others, are all known to have several health benefits.Lemongrass is known for combating cough and cold symptoms. The Kaffir lime has long been known to promote healthy digestion, among other things. Turmeric, a highly beneficial herb, can do everything from healing damaged skin to detoxifying the liver.

These are just a few examples of the traditional Thai spa experiences using both Thai techniques with herbal and natural blends.

For the Globe-Trotter

Specifically geared towards the exhausted, jet-lagged traveller, Spa Botanica has designed various treatments to alleviate your exhausted body after a day or two of non-stop travel.

The Traveller’s Retreat package features aromatherapy massage using concentrated essential oil blends and combine with specific techniques to help with lymphatic drainage, a moor bath to relieve stiffness throughout the body using organic ingredients, and a foot massage to rest sore feet.The Travel Tonic treatment is also designed for the guest who suffers from poor circulation or back pain. The leg massage will release pent up energy accumulated during long flights and the back massage will reduce pain from a restless night’s sleep.

For the Sun Bather

Those who like to soak up the sun know how easy it is to take in just a little too much. The Aloe Vera Soothing Wrap can ease away the heat from sunburn and leave your skin soft, smooth, and more importantly pain-free.

Don’t let the sun take the comfort away from your relaxing vacation.

For the Business Executive

If you are visiting Thailand for business, The Sukhothai Signature Massage is an ideal treatment option for those who have spent extensive time in meetings or who need to alleviate stress from a hard day’s work.

The oil massage focuses on kneading techniques to ease the body into a relaxed, stress-free state while also massaging sore muscles that have tensed up throughout the work day.

A spa treatment to suit your needs

Whatever your lifestyle may be, it is important to take care of your body’s welfare not only physically but mentally as well. When indulging, it is equally as important to know how the treatments you are receiving benefit your body, so being well informed is the first step to achieving a naturally balanced body, mind, and soul.

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