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Bonjourno Rome

Posted: June 30, 2010

Bonjourno, Rome!

This is springtime. I arrived late afternoon in the colorful Piazza Campo dei Fiori in Rome with great excitement and expectation. I had researched Roman cuisine for weeks and couldn’t wait to try it. I want to eat like a Roman in Rome!

I tried tender tripe in creamy, spicy tomato sauce. Sprinkled with pecorino cheese, it was hearty and tasty. The fresh Porcini mushrooms with fresh made pasta were delicious. Suckling pig roasted with laurel herb, garlic and black pepper was so simple but exquisite, just to die for.

Vegetables and wild strawberry in Piazza Campo dei Fiori

Roman cooking is very versatile, yet simple. It is not sophisticated or elaborate, but generous, rich in flavors and character, and full of many mouthwatering dishes. It’s hard to get a bad meal, but with an increasing number of eateries now catering to tourists, it’s not easy to get a great one either.


Perhaps one important thing that makes Roman food, or Italian food for that matter, so good, is its people. True or false, they all have an obvious spirit. And that is one of the things that helps to inspire the cooking - the people’s vitality and zest for living. They sit down to the table with enthusiasm and feeling, with an instinctive love of gastronomy that makes every meal a banquet …

Fried lamb brains

Roasted suckling pig

Vegetables in Piazza Campo dei Fiori

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