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An amazing fully booked promotion with Chef Loubet at La Scala

Posted: November 24, 2009

We just had an amazing fully booked food promotion with Chef Edouard Loubet and his team from Provence in La Scala restaurant. His dish "Complicity of Foie Gras" was simple and delicious! I love how the perfectly made foie gras terrine melts into pure flavor as soon as it hits your tongue with green tomato jam. The aromatic Provençal herbs stick to the surface of the crispy pan-fried foie gras escalope with fleur de sel.

Here is convincing evidence of the culinary maxim that perfectly cooked foie gras, with the simplest preparation, can be the most satisfying dish. I also particularly like his “Line-caught Sea Bass” with sage infusion and orange crisps, and the dessert dish "Soufflé Scented with Cedar from The Luberon Hills, Clove Ice Cream, Crispy Glazed Nuts". Tasting the soufflé felt like working through a Provence forest.

The genius of this work lies in Loubet’s playful combination of classic ingredients and regional herbs/spices to complement them. My personal favorite above is a looker and it’s luscious. I never would have been able to dream up the combination on my own.

With Chef Loubet’s trained classical French background, charming and gentlemanly character, it was indeed very delightful to work with him and have him in our kitchen.

Thank you.

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