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Choosing the Right Spa Treatment for You

Here at The Sukhothai, Spa Botanica offers a wide range of treatments made to suit every one of our guest’s personal needs. With such an extensive list, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “which treatment should I go for?”
From business trips to weekend getaways, it is important to know what your personal health needs are and how different treatments can affect you. There is always an opportunity to practice personal wellness, and we have just the right s... Read more

Sukhothai "Tri Ratna" Lobby Centerpiece

Standing elegantly in the heart of our lobby is a floral centerpiece created by Khun Sakul Intakul. Inspired by the teachings of the Buddha, this work of art is called “Sukhothai Tri Ratna” which means “Triple Jewel of the Dawn of Happiness”. The “Tri Ratna” expresses the foundations of Buddhism which include: The Buddha (the enlightened one), The Dharma (the teachings) and The Sangha (the community of monks).
At the base of this floral piece are lotuses, sym... Read more

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