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Royal Project Strawberry

The Royal Project's strawberry season is in full swing in Thailand and the pick of the crop is beautiful, sweet and tasty. This year is particular good because the species is Akihime from Japan.  Akihimi has a mild sweetness that spreads through your mouth. Its sweetness and sourness is well balanced. We think that ripe and sweet Akihimi will change your thinking about local strawberries in Thailand for sure.

Look for punnets of fresh berries that smell delicious, with no signs of r... Read more

Herb Garden

Hi everyone,
Herb gardening is not a difficult hobby to become involved in, and the rewards can be great. Unlike many other types of gardening, the plants are very inexpensive and easy to maintain, especially if you are living in Southeast Asia. The beginner can be an instant success, and as time goes by, develop into a master gardener, growing more difficult and esoteric plants. There is room for all skill levels and many different garden situations. In short, herb gardening is for everybody.
... Read more

White Truffles

Hi everyone,
We received 2 1/2 kg Alba Truffles yesterday for our White Truffle promotion. This year's harvest seems more delicate and more intoxicatingly fragrant than last year's, with an aroma that is strong, musky and garlicky. The white truffle season runs from early October to early January, with late November and December being the peak.
Most white truffles in the market are the size of a golf ball at most, often smaller, although they can grow to be much larger. They are graded accordi... Read more

Delicious Beef & Pork Noodles for 1 US$ only

Hi readers,
In case you are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a must try is Beef & Pork noodles in the center of Chiang Mai (please see the pictures). The menu is very simple: beef or pork, and there are three kinds of noodles, “sen mee” rice stick noodles, “sen lee” thin stranded rice noodles and “sen yai” flat rice noodles.

You can choose to have them served cooked dry or in a soup. It is very local and is always busy with line ups during peak hours. It&rsquo... Read more

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