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    Hotel news, opinions and updates from the team at The Sukhothai.

Lunch with JJ Prüm - the worlds greatest Riesling

I had a very enjoyable lunch yesterday in Celadon with friends of mine Dr Katharina Prüm from Joh Jos Prüm and Mr Wilhelm Steifensand from the legendary Valckenberg Merchant and Winery.

Joh Jos Prüm is known as the worlds greatest Riesling and it is one of the favourites amongst our regular guests at Celadon. Thank you both for visiting and bringing such good cheer and it’s really good to see you once again and hopefully we can do another wine dinner with J.J Prü... Read more

My Day with Chef Pascal Barbot

It is the second day of our exclusive Pascal Barbot promotion and I am already tried! Waking up this morning at 6:45am when the alarm went off was honestly a very painful experience! Obviously I stayed in bed until the very last minute…so now I’m in turbo speed mode.

Knowing the last 3 days is fully booked for lunch and dinner makes me seriously think of indulging in a grand breakfast with lots of healthy “fat”, protein and carb-focused breakfast cereals. Breakfa... Read more

Khun Petch Osathanugrah

Yesterday was a very busy day for me with three star Michelin chef Pascal Barbot’s promotion in full swing at La Scala restaurant. I was intoxicated by the busy agenda and happened to be walking fast through Colonnade restaurant.

Here was our beloved regular guest Thai artist Khun Petch Osathanugrah. Khun Petch has his usual lunch with friends in Colonnade very regularly, and briefly I stopped by to greet him and saw incidentally his guitar beside him. I just needed to cool down... Read more

Master Chefs visited Celadon

Two weeks ago, world-renowned chefs Charlie Trotter and Ken Hom came for dinner at our Thai restaurant, Celadon.

It was my great honor to cook a very humble meal for them. They are men of learning and letters and are real gentlemen.
Chef Charlie has just gotten married and I was lucky enough to meet his beautiful wife. Read more

Bulgarian Cuisine

Dear readers,
Just want to share with you my latest food discovery.
Last week we were fortunate to host the celebration for Bulgaria's National Day here in The Sukhothai Bangkok. During that occasion, The Bulgarian Ambassador’s wife, Madame Maya Velichkova, and her mother came to introduce their native land's cooking to me and my team members, and it was an eye opening experience for me culinary-wise.
The food was delicious, with superb flavour, and tasty. Greek and Turkish influences a... Read more

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