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2-Michelin Star Chef Loubet is shining at La Scala

Posted: November 3, 2009

Hi folks,

There is something really wonderful about going to the Farmer’s market and looking at all the beautiful, home-grown produce, herbs, plants and flowers for sale, especially in Provence, France. I simply couldn’t imagine life in the kitchen without fresh herbs. I met Chef Edouard Loubet a few years ago in Bonnieux who is exceptionally professional, polite and also charming.

What amazed me most about Chef Loubet was all the herbs he uses in his cooking is sourced from his very own Provencal herb garden in the grounds of his famous restaurant La Bastide de Capelongue. He showed me around his picturesque and magnificent garden where basil, thyme, rosemary, verbena, lavender cotton, bay leaf and zucchini flower grow in abundance, surround by orange trees and mature olive groves.

Chef Loubet told me that he used only the finest local produce and applies the latest culinary techniques. He believes firmly in not overcharging the palate, but in limiting the number of ingredients so as to allow individual flavours to surface. In his menu for his promotion at The Sukhothai next week you will find green tomatoes, wild mushrooms, citrus fruits, olive oil, Mediterranean shellfish, Sea bass and of course lots of fresh Provencal herbs. All these wonderful ingredients characterize his cuisine.

Some of his signature dishes on the upcoming menu included: Zucchini Soup with White Truffle, Complicity of Foie Gras, Lobster Soup infused with Wild Verbena, Rack of Lamb Smoked with Wild Thyme and Mediterranean Sea bass with Fleur de Sel.

So, please come and try Chef Loubet’s incredible fresh and beautiful food.

Thank you.

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