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“Fruit de Mer” promotion at The Colonnade

Posted: November 23, 2009

Most chefs will tell you that the shellfish section in a hotel/restaurant kitchen is probably their favourite. I never cease to marvel at the wonderful creatures that land on our kitchen boards each day, from as near as the local market to as far as Scotland, France, the U.S., Australia or Japan. Especially the fresh King prawn, Banana Prawn, Giant Mud Crab, Flower Crab, Giant Catfish, Sea bass and Snapper coming from the Andaman Sea and Mekong River on the Northeastern border of Thailand.

My love of seafood is fueled, first and foremost, by the sheer pleasure of eating all of the sublime things that live in water. I love the sensual pleasure involved in the handling and preparation, and then in the eating of all foods, but especially fish and shellfish. I find seafood particularly delightful because of its beautiful textures and sweetness.

We buy shellfish in substantial quantities and only the best quality. We also even have a fish tanks, just to be assured that the seafood is truly fresh.

I look to enhance the delicate flavours and textures of these creatures with simple poaching, steaming, quick pan-frying or just naturally raw with fleur de sel, freshly squeezed lime juice and extra virgin olive oil.

So for those who are big seafood lovers, please come to The Colonnade to indulge in my “Fruit de Mer” promotion with a huge selection of imported Black mussels, with various preparations, and a sumptuous seafood platter with great mounds of colorful claws and shells arriving heaped on a wire stand, along with crab pickers, nutcrackers, pins for the winkles, and a fingerbowl. Extracting “uncontrollable” tidbits from the shells is messy work, but that’s part of the fun. The hard-earned morsels are then eaten with mayonnaise, shallot-flavored vinaigrette, thinly sliced grilled sour dough bread, and perhaps with plenty of chilled white or rose wine too.

Thank you.

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