Sukhothai Hotel Bangkok
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  • Luxury Hotel in Bangkok | The Sukhothai Bangkok, Thailand
  • Luxury Hotel in Bangkok | The Sukhothai Bangkok, Thailand


Escape into another world

The Sukhothai has a way of casting a spell. From the moment you walk in, you feel you’ve entered a timeless place. Frozen in time, yet quietly dynamic.

Sublime serenity - a true luxury in this bustling metropolis. Apart from the city around it, yet undeniably in sync with its pulse. A marriage of the golden days of Thailand’s ancient Sukhothai heritage and the cosmopolitan luxury of modern-day Bangkok.

The hotel thrives on contrasts, each element setting off the next. Spectacular modern facilities and famed service, welcoming you to a green sanctuary that would make you forget you’re in the centre of one of the world’s most dynamic capital cities.  

Slowly, gently unfolding over its spacious surroundings, this natural harmony and spatial balance complete The Sukhothai’s unique atmosphere - and make it truly unforgettable.

"Perfect - excellent - incredible. Staying here was a perfect hotel
experience. From the airport limo reception and a seamless check-in
to a most unbelievable room. Pure comfort and elegant luxury."

aguy_98, China

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Sukhothai Platinum Limited Edition

Sukhothai Platinum Limited Edition

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Sukhothai Platinum Limited Edition